SPL Approve Standing Areas within Stadiums

The SPL are hoping the approval of safe standing areas will prove attractive to clubs and fans and add ‘theatre and drama’ to Scottish football.

From next season, clubs will be free to introduce a German-style system, with rails effectively providing individual crush barriers for every row of terracing, aimed at giving supporters a security conscious take on the historical standing experience.

Celtic and Motherwell are apparently among the clubs to have shown an interest in taking a pilot scheme, although it is reported that several other clubs are watching with interest.

SPL CEO Neil Doncaster is hoping that grasping this initiative, could reverse the recent trend of falling attendances. “Supporters want choice and we have to respond to what supporters want and they have indicated in numbers that this something they would like to see happening.”

It won’t be cheap for any team, with the SPL, at pains to stress that the modern take on old-fashioned standing-barriers that may convert back to seats for European games, does not equate to merely opening up terraces. And given the investment involved, supporters might even find themselves paying a premium for the right to stand!

However if it is shown to “put feet on concrete”, as opposed to bums on seats, with 80 per cent more people able to get into a standing area than a similar seated section, this may prove to be an idea with a true win-win situation!

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