Green Issues stall stadium plans for Bristol City

Bristol City stadium bid hit by legal row

Bristol City’s bid for new 30,000-seater football stadium has been hit by legal row which

could take up to a month to sort out. Protesters want Ashton Vale made into a town green,

but Bristol City Football Club wants to build on the land.

A High Court judge will have the final say in the next month on whether a change in claimant

would be allowed. A claimant behind a judicial review stood aside, but lawyers said they

wanted to appoint a substitute. In a letter to the High Court the protester behind the judicial

review said he wanted to withdraw his challenge and he did not want a substitute claimant to

take his place.

The council said the case had been “discontinued” while the football club said the “review is

at an end”. But lawyers acting for Ashton Vale protesters said the “notices are invalid and do

not reflect the instructions of the claimant”, adding that he did not remember signing the


The legal challenge surrounds land in the south of the city that Bristol City Football Club

wants to build a 30,000-seater stadium on. It was originally granted planning permission in

2009, before an independent inquiry said the land should be made a town green. Last year,

a Bristol City Council committee said only half the land could be a town green with the other

half to be used for the football stadium.

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