Barcelona & Real Madrid Join forces for Commercial Gain

ThaiBev has brought together bitter rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in a three-year marketing deal worth a reported US$16.5 million.

In what has been described as an unprecedented agreement linking together the two clubs, the deal with the La Liga giants has been sealed to help raise the profile of the company’s Chang Export beer brand, Chang soda and Chang drinking water in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia. Chang will be allowed to use the logos of both clubs and images of their players on product packaging and in advertisements.

ThaiBev will spend another $16.5 million on marketing activity for Chang products in the next three years, including bringing Spanish clubs to play in Thailand. Matthew Kichodhan, ThaiBev’s senior vice-president for international business, told the Bangkok Post that Real Madrid will support the launch of new Chang products in Thailand, while Barcelona’s brand will be utilised across the whole of Asia. “We’re happy to be in partnership with the two football clubs, as they’re popular with a lot of fans worldwide,” he said.

The agreement furthers Chang’s presence in the football market, where it currently serves as shirt sponsor to Barclays Premier League club Everton. “After three years with the Everton partnership, the image of Chang beer was more premium,” added Kichodhan. Under the three-year deal with Barcelona and Real Madrid, sales of all products under the Chang brand, both domestic and export

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