Olympics on course to come in under budget!

UK Sports Minister Hugh Robertson marked the 150-day countdown to the start of London 2012 on Tuesday by claiming that the Olympics is unlikely to utilise the entire £9.3 billion public funding package for the event.

Sky claimed that costs were rising due to further spending on areas such as additional anti-doping control officers, paying Underground workers not to strike, governmental operational costs and legal bills over the controversial Olympic Stadium tenancy decision. Indeed, the broadcaster reported that additional costs would further swell this figure with police being given £1.1 billion in counter-terrorism funding and a £4.4 billion budget allocated for security and intelligence services. Sky stated that the extra cost of having 12,000 police officers on duty during the Games and the £6.5 billion being spent on transport upgrades could bring the ultimate cost of the Olympics to more than £24 billion.

However, Robertson said he was increasingly confident that the project would come in under budget and that the government would “not quite empty the piggy bank”. He added: “It is fair to say we are increasingly confident we can land this on time and within budget. It is enormously encouraging that we are 96% complete and still have £500 million in the budget.”


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