Keepmoat Stadium May be Sold

Doncaster’s Keepmoat may be sold

Doncaster Council could sell the 15,000-seater Keepmoat Stadium in a bid to cut costs after

a report shows the authority has lost more than £2.5m since it opened in 2006.

A scrutiny report written by the council’s director of finance suggests a number of options,

including new management or selling it off. Earlier this year Mayor Peter Davies said they

needed to find a solution “that does not involve ratepayers having their pockets picked”. The

council has this year approved a grant of £170,000 to help keep the stadium afloat.

In the report, Simon Wiles, director of finance for Doncaster Council, said the authority could

either selling the stadium, continue with its operators, Stadium Management Company

(SMC) or to find a new operator.

The report suggests Doncaster Rovers as a suitable company to replace SMC, as it

currently holds a 25 year lease to use the stadium. As part of its next step, Mr Wiles said a

consultation will take place throughout April with stadium users.



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