Premier League TV Broadcast Rights out for tender

The Premier League has issued an invitation to tender for the domestic UK broadcast rights for the 2013/14 to 2015/16 football seasons, with 154 matches set to be shown live on TV each season.

The proposed schedule is more than currently broadcast, with over 40% of all top-level matches set to be shown on television.

The extra 16 live games comes as matches are moved away from Saturday 3pm kick-off times, due to Europa League involvement or police advice, but games that do kick-off at 3pm will still not be shown.

The 154 games will be split into seven packages comprising five packages of 26 matches and two packages of 12 matches.

No one buyer will be allowed to buy more than five packages or 116 matches.

The rights are currently held by Sky and ESPN, and Al Jazeera is also expected this challenge for rights this time round.

Another sales process will be conducted for two “near live” packages each containing 226 matches, and an internet-based clips package for all 380 matches.

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