Football Transfer Spending on the rise throughout Europe

Following the close of the window on Friday night, Deloitte has revealed that spending in the summer transfer market has increased year-on-year in the Premier League, as well as France’s Ligue 1 and Germany’s 1.Bundesliga, according to analysis by the business advisory firm, although Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s Primera Division have seen spending reduced.

Deloitte said that player transfer spending by Premier League clubs was around £490 million in the 2012 summer window, an increase from the £485 million spent in summer 2011.

This year was also just short of the £500 million record set in 2008.

Transfer fees to overseas clubs were around £300 million, up almost 50% on the level seen in 2011. This represented 61% of total transfer fees committed by Premier League clubs, compared with 42% in 2011.

Deloitte added that spending in Ligue 1, mainly boosted by the financial power of Paris Saint-Germain, rose to around £190 million and the 1.Bundesliga increased to around £210 million.

However, spending in Italy (around £310 million) and Spain (around £110 million) is at lower levels than the last summer window.


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